Jordan Witzigreuter Talks On WUNH

Domenic Paolo of WUNH hops on air to interview Jordan Witzigreuter, normally known by his stage name of The Ready Set, to chat about his new project with friends Trevor Dahl (Plug In Stereo, Cheat Codes) and Jared Ryan Maldonado (Dresses) titled Cold Shoulders. The new project is a bit more indie pop oriented, with their debut EP releasing April 14th.

Thanks to this group of lovely fellows and Mad Dragon Records, WUNH had the rights to exclusively premiere their newest track off the debut EP titled “Do Yourself A Favor,” which can be heard at the end of the interview.



song of the week 2Slowin’ it down substantially for this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK. Indie folk mainstay, Sufjan Stevens recently dropped what’s been described by critics as his best album yet. By now the album’s main narrative is well-known. Carrie & Lowell is titled after Stevens’ mother and stepfather. Carrie was bipolar and schizophrenic and suffered from drug addiction and substance abuse. She died of stomach cancer in 2012, but had abandoned Stevens much earlier, first when he was 1, then later, repeatedly (“when I was three, three maybe four, she left us at that video store,” he sings on “Should Have Known Better” <– SONG OF THE WEEK. Click the song title to listen). His stepfather, Lowell Brams, was married to Carrie for five years when Sufjan was a child. As a testament to the importance of his role in Stevens’ life, Brams currently runs Stevens’ label, Asthmatic Kitty, and shows up repeatedly in the record, most poignantly on the title track, where Stevens frames those five years as his “season of hope.”

Stevens has always written personally, weaving his life story into larger narratives, but here his autobiography, front and center, is itself the grand history. The songs explore childhood, family, grief, depression, loneliness, faith, and rebirth in direct and unflinching language that matches the scaled-back instrumentation. There are Biblical references, and references to mythology, but most of it is squarely about Stevens and his family.

So maybe this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK is really more of an ALBUM OF THE WEEK… Listen to Carrie & Lowell from start to finish. It is absolutely stunning.

Sound It Out- Breaking Into the Boy’s Club with ESPN’s Linda Cohn

A host of SportsCenter since 1992 and one of the full first-time female sports braodcasters, Linda Cohn has learned to play-ball on a team she at first wasn’t welcomed on. ESPN’s Linda Cohn joins Katie McAuliffe to talk about her hockey-filled upbringing, her ascent into a historically stubborn boy’s club, and the continued struggle for gender parity in sports journalism. Stay tuned till the end to hear Cohn’s favorite anecdote about running into two giant sports icons at a Superbowl after-party!

Seacoast Live! with The Joshua Incident

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate the melting snow and rising temperatures than with some Americana? Americana quartet The Joshua Incident stops by Seacoast Live! for a beautiful mix of songs off their debut album, Red, as well as some new songs to be released on a their sophomore album this Fall. Learn more about the band and find their music at

Interview: 00:00 – 5:37

Track List
Tinder Box (7:30)
My December Girl (11:30)
Red (14:34)
Seacoast Live! Coming Attractions (19:21)
Quiet/Discontent/Passed Out (21:35)
In Your Beautiful Hour (28:14)
Exit 48 (34:43)
Tear-Stained Eye [Son Volt cover] (38:38)
Barker Place (42:34)
Thimble Full of Happiness (46:53)

Seacoast Live! is produced and hosted by Katie McAuliffe and Devan George and is engineered by Nick Morrone.


song of the week 2Let me just start by saying IT’S MY MOTHAF**IN BIRTHDAY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, that’s awesome. Let’s talk music now. This week I’ve got another super sweet electronic track for your weekly dose of blog music. I don’t know about you guys, but I find female electronic artists very intriguing. Probably because they operate in a sea of male DJs. I instantly fall in love (girl crush style) with lady DJs that perform solo for crowds of sweaty humans. Furthermore, female electro artists are ALWAYS badass. Always.  And this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK artist is the definition of badass.

Welcome to the contradictory world of Alison Wonderland: an Australian artist who has written an album during her time in Los Angeles, a public personality who privately obsesses over her music with near-maniacal intensity; an electronic producer who is equally proud of her pop songs and her festival bangers. She’s a chemical performer who has played cello in orchestras, rocked the bass in indie bands and graced turntables in front of thousands.

Now let’s get to the song, shall we? It’s called U Don’t Know. The song’s infectious groove will have you boppin’ your head, tappin’ your foot, and possibly even dancing throughout. Watch the music video for this one. It features a creepy version of Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Role Models, Kick-Ass).

Seacoast Live! with Me In Capris

Local alternative rock group Me In Capris stops by Seacoast Live! for an energetic rock mix of originals that will be featured on their summer release. Some unexpected covers make it into the set as well. Check out some of their upcoming tracks before they hit the web!

If you like what you hear, make sure to check them out at on April 6th at O’Briens Pub in Allston, MA.


1) A Little Faith, A Bit of Romance [6:22]
2) Your Velouria [12:33]
3) Pretty [12:33]
4) Cookout [20:48]
5) Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover) [25:15]
Seacoast Live! Coming Attractions [29:49]
6) All the Time (Alex Chilton Cover) [32:09]
7) Strange Powers (Magnetic Fields Cover) [35:31]
8) For Those Who Think You [39:00]
9) Not My Blues/ Sex On Fire (Kings of Leon) [43:34]

Credits [47:38]

Seacoast Live! is produced and co-hosted by Katie McAuliffe and Devan George. This episode was engineered by Nick Morrone with additional help from Nick Rocci.