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With the 2016 presidential elections just over a year away, candidates from both sides are trying to make a strong impression with potential voters. It would make sense, then, for these candidates to visit UNH; New Hampshire is the first state to vote in the primaries and university students are usually educated in current events. Here is a look back at how each candidate presented his/her speech and some of the points he/she made.

Hillary Clinton visited UNH on September 18th. She held a forum on college affordability and had two alumni and Governor Maggie Hassan beside her in the MUB Strafford Room. Her voice was stern and determined, expressing how her policies would put an end to the difficulties students face when it comes to loans and debt after graduating, which adds up to about 40 million Americans that have student debt. If she becomes president, she proposes enacting a plan called the New College Compact, which outlines that 1) no student should have to borrow money to go to a public university, 2) schools need to be more accountable and open to what they are spending tuition money on, 3) states need to invest in higher education again, 4) the federal government should also invest, and finally 5) students should be able to refinance their debts at lower rates.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, seemed more passionate and enraged at the enemy that is Wall Street. He visited the UNH Field House on September 20th. While Hillary aimed at describing her plan to lower tuition burdens for students, Bernie focused on his ideals in general and what he hoped to achieve as a presidential hopeful. He wanted to make sure that not only would community colleges be free, but public colleges would be as well. In order to do so there would have to be a tax on stock transactions. While he touched on several issues, the main focus was how hard working Americans do not feel that America is the wealthiest country in the world because a portion of their incomes goes to the 1%.

Dr. Ben Carson was on the opposite end of the spectrum with his calm and quite humorous nature. His speech that took place September 30th in the Huddleston Hall Ballroom took on a more story-like tempo; rather than hitting key points directly, he gave an account of his upbringing and then eased to a point. One topic that he kept returning to was the need to come together as a country, just as the name entails, the United States of America. Instead of naming the enemy as politicians, cops, or the wealthy elite, he wanted to bring everyone together to fight forces that would threaten our livelihood as Americans.

Who’s next? Campus visits aren’t currently on the radar for many primaries.

-Lia Windt
WUNH News Director