WUNH’s Albums for the Summer

There will always be those albums that take you back to summer memories of driving with the windows rolled down and the music blaring, reuniting with friends and family, and taking countless trips to the beach.  Here are some albums to add to your summer soundtrack from WUNH’s own:

–  Walk the Moon – Talking Is Hard                                            
Talking Is Hard equates to the indescribable happiness of a honeymoon phase or post-concert euphoria.  The album is infused with an infectious dance-pop quality that will have you subconsciously grooving in your seat.  With up-beat dancey tracks and moving, lyrical songs, Talking Is Hard is a well-rounded album that will keep you hooked for all of your summer moods.  Check out SidekickPortugal, and Work This Body.

–  Magic Man – Before the Waves                                                 
Before the Waves is a great summer album because it has tracks for all types of summer days – sunny warm days, cold rainy days, starry nights. The album’s indie pop sounds and electrifying melodies are catchy, and will be the hooks people will be belting all summer long. It’s one of those albums that’s easy to listen to front to back, without skipping any tracks. Full of energy, it may cause listeners to want to dance and live their nights to the fullest.  Check out Apollo, Out Of Mind, and Paris.

  LIGHTS – Little Machines                                                            
Little Machines is an album that initially hooks its listeners with its soaring vocals over the driving, melodic bass lines.  Her beautiful voice paired with the poetic and uplifting lyricism is a combination that will have you continually listening to the album.  Including catchy synth lines on tracks like Speeding, Running With the Boys, and Meteorites, this electronic synth/pop album will remind you why music always sounds better louder.  

– Goldroom – It’s Like You Never Went Away (EP)                
The new EP basically says roll down the windows and drive faster.

  Madeon – Adventure                                                                     
It’s virtually impossible to listen to this album and stay still.  Featuring Passion Pit, Mark Foster of Foster the People, Dan Smith of Bastille, and Nicholas Petricca of Walk The Moon, this is simply not an album to miss.  Madeon’s electro pop beats are sickeningly catchy and they’ll not only be stuck in your head for days, but they’ll have you dancing no matter where you are.  Check out You’re On, Pay No Mind, and Beings.

–  Count Counsellor – & The Childhood Heroes (EP)            
Spelling-binding electronic pop for the ride home.

 Circa Waves – T-Shirt Weather (EP)                                         
Circa Waves is a Brit pop/rock band that will instantly improve your mood with their relatable lyrics, melodic guitar riffs, and fast-paced drum beats.  With most of the songs clocking in under 3 minutes, the EP blurs by, making it the perfect set to listen to on summer walks around the block or quick trips downtown.  Look up Young Chasers, T-Shirt Weather, and Fossils, and then listen to the rest of the EP.

–  Guantanamo Baywatch – Darling…It’s Too Late             
Nothing says summer more than guitar dripping in a sickening amount of reverb.  Guantanamo Baywatch brings back that classic surf rock sound and brings you back to the good old days when all you needed was a rolling guitar line and a board to get you going.  Even when the album pauses from the surf sounds on songs like Shenanigans, it brings slow songs like Too Late that would make all those old crooners envious.  Blast this one loud next time you drive to the beach and remind everyone there what the ocean is all about.

–  CRUISR                                                                                                 
This four piece band from Philadelphia has yet to release a full album.  With laid-back, yet momentous drumming laden with catchy melodies and syncopated guitar, CRUISR has only given the world a small taste of their capabilities.  This indie-pop band will have you singing along in no time with their singles.  Check out Go For It, All Over, and Kidnap Me.

–  Summer Camp – Bad Love                                                           
Summer Camp trashes their pristine pop beats in favor of a dreamy shoegaze sound in the title track Bad Love. Heartache, jealousy, and regret pour out of this married couple all throughout the album, lyrically and sonically. Though many of the albums hail back towards their earlier sound, You’re Gone brings out the rough guitar even harder while maintaining a pure pop sound. Summer Camp perfectly mixes the current trends of dream pop with heavy 80s vibes and creates a mood on the album just right for those long summer nights where you just seem to find yourself all alone.