song of the week 2Let me just start by saying IT’S MY MOTHAF**IN BIRTHDAY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, that’s awesome. Let’s talk music now. This week I’ve got another super sweet electronic track for your weekly dose of blog music. I don’t know about you guys, but I find female electronic artists very intriguing. Probably because they operate in a sea of male DJs. I instantly fall in love (girl crush style) with lady DJs that perform solo for crowds of sweaty humans. Furthermore, female electro artists are ALWAYS badass. Always.  And this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK artist is the definition of badass.

Welcome to the contradictory world of Alison Wonderland: an Australian artist who has written an album during her time in Los Angeles, a public personality who privately obsesses over her music with near-maniacal intensity; an electronic producer who is equally proud of her pop songs and her festival bangers. She’s a chemical performer who has played cello in orchestras, rocked the bass in indie bands and graced turntables in front of thousands.

Now let’s get to the song, shall we? It’s called U Don’t Know. The song’s infectious groove will have you boppin’ your head, tappin’ your foot, and possibly even dancing throughout. Watch the music video for this one. It features a creepy version of Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Role Models, Kick-Ass).


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