Seacoast Live! with Harsh Armadillo


It may be spring break, but at Seacoast Live! we don’t skip a beat. This week we’ve got a 7-piece jazz funk group that knows how to turn up the heat and make you want to groove. Check out Harsh Armadillo’s live sound session in the WUNH studio. Make sure to follow us in Facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest of Seacoast Live! (

Interview: 00:00 – 07:15

Slow Dance – 07:38
Menage A Trois – 14:50
Banana Bass – 18:08
Seacoast Live! coming attractions – 24:00
Subterranean – 25:32
Next – 31:27
Lucidity – 38:00
Street Lovin’ – 44:19

To learn more about Harsh Armadillo and to find out when you can see them live, check out their Facebook page: . Come back next week for Me In Capris and listen local with Seacoast Live!

Seacoast Live! is produced and co-hosted by Katie McAuliffe and Devan George and is engineered by Nick Morrone.

Photo by A.R.H photography


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