Seacoast Live! with Me In Capris

Local alternative rock group Me In Capris stops by Seacoast Live! for an energetic rock mix of originals that will be featured on their summer release. Some unexpected covers make it into the set as well. Check out some of their upcoming tracks before they hit the web!

If you like what you hear, make sure to check them out at on April 6th at O’Briens Pub in Allston, MA.


1) A Little Faith, A Bit of Romance [6:22]
2) Your Velouria [12:33]
3) Pretty [12:33]
4) Cookout [20:48]
5) Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover) [25:15]
Seacoast Live! Coming Attractions [29:49]
6) All the Time (Alex Chilton Cover) [32:09]
7) Strange Powers (Magnetic Fields Cover) [35:31]
8) For Those Who Think You [39:00]
9) Not My Blues/ Sex On Fire (Kings of Leon) [43:34]

Credits [47:38]

Seacoast Live! is produced and co-hosted by Katie McAuliffe and Devan George. This episode was engineered by Nick Morrone with additional help from Nick Rocci.



song of the week 2Today I heard an awesome new song (new to me, not new to the universe). Shouts out to DJ Toast (Friday 2-4pm) for playing this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK on his show today and sparking my interest. This track is a blend of high female vocal and fresh electronic beats. But really, the vocal is enthralling and quite different from much of the artist’s other stuff.

This week’s SONG OF THE WEEK goes to Grimes and her song “Go (feat. Blood Diamonds).” Claire Boucher (AKA Grimes) tweeted in July 2014 that the song is “about escaping into people or art even if it’s painful rather than escaping into drugs or alcohol and being numb.” Keep your eyes peeled for a Grimes album in the probably-not-so-near future!

Seacoast Live! with Harsh Armadillo


It may be spring break, but at Seacoast Live! we don’t skip a beat. This week we’ve got a 7-piece jazz funk group that knows how to turn up the heat and make you want to groove. Check out Harsh Armadillo’s live sound session in the WUNH studio. Make sure to follow us in Facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest of Seacoast Live! (

Interview: 00:00 – 07:15

Slow Dance – 07:38
Menage A Trois – 14:50
Banana Bass – 18:08
Seacoast Live! coming attractions – 24:00
Subterranean – 25:32
Next – 31:27
Lucidity – 38:00
Street Lovin’ – 44:19

To learn more about Harsh Armadillo and to find out when you can see them live, check out their Facebook page: . Come back next week for Me In Capris and listen local with Seacoast Live!

Seacoast Live! is produced and co-hosted by Katie McAuliffe and Devan George and is engineered by Nick Morrone.

Photo by A.R.H photography

Mike Snow Talks on WUNH

Domenic Paolo of WUNH hops on air to interview Mike Snow, the co-founder of the Boston Calling Music Festival and WUNH alumni, to talk about how the festival comes together, personal stories about the festival, this May’s lineup, and more!

WUNH is also grateful to Mike Snow, Chris Langley, and the rest of the Boston Calling team for their great work, and for our upcoming giveaway of TWO general admission weekend passes to the May 2015 festival. Details coming soon, the passes will be given away in early April.

Seacoast Live! with Lady Lamb

With her latest album ‘After’ just released on March 3rd, Lady Lamb joins WUNH’s Seacoast Live! for a live mix of some the old and new before she sets out on her continental tour. She talks to us about the process of making ‘After’, her humble beginnings and her change in stage name.

Lady Lamb rockin' out in the WUNH studio.

Interview 00:00 – 10:40

You are the Apple – 12:13
Billions of Eyes – 18:41
Heretic – 23:55
Milk Duds – 30:57
Spat Out Spit – 34:06
Batter – 38:58
Penny Licks – 41:04
The Nothing Part II – 47:28

Big thanks to Greg P. Rothwell for engineering the show.

Photo by Shervin Lainez

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song of the week 2It’s spring break, people, so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. This week I’ve got an awesome electro-R&B track that can best be described as a mix between Flume and James Blake.

Shouts out to Australian artist The Kite String Tangle for producing “Arcadia!” You’ll fall in love with this song after one listen. Trust me. Listen here!!!! You won’t regret it.