Interview with Former MCR Guitarist Frank Iero

WUNH’s Daniel Donovan chats with former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero about his current musical project, frnkiero & the cellabration, his current tour and his plans moving forward.

Listen to three songs by frnkiero & the cellabration and then hear from Frank himself! Interview starts at 12:00.


All I Want Is Nothing
Blood Infections



song of the week 2This week the SONG OF THE WEEK is arriving one day early! I’ll be busy shredding up the mountain tomorrow and won’t have time to post. I’ve got another electronic track for you for the last week of February. This one’s more on the ambient side… If you like Bon Iver and downtempo, you’ll LOVE this track. While it may be a tad difficult to hear and decipher what the vocalist is singing, I can assure you that the lyrics are quite beautiful. Exhibit A: Cause when the wreck is through and it’s all consumed. Maybe then baby, you’ll tell me that we didn’t cling to enough. That we couldn’t outlast the rough. Deep stuff here. Lots of sadness, but in a beautiful way. And who created this wonderful masterpiece, might you ask?

VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC comin’ in hot with the song “Collapse.” Listen here.

DISCLAIMER: Not recommended for anyone whose going through a break-up

Seacoast Live – Todo Bien

In the third episode of Seacoast Live! the six-piece roots-rock band Todo Bien performs songs from their new album “Here We Go” and talks with us about the Seacoast music scene, live band mishaps and their favorite bands to play live with.

Join us Fridays from 8 to 9pm for Seacoast Live! on WUNH 91.3FM for more of the best bands from New Hampshire’s Seacoast. No FM dial nearby? Stream us live, find program playlists and listen to archives at

Track list:
Interview [0:00 – 11:30]
Coming Attractions for Seacoast Live! [11:30-12:30]
1) Simple Swell [12:45]
2) Time [16:50]
3) Light Up and Live [20:10]
4) Wake Up [26:45]
5) Oppression [32:10]
6) Shout Out Loud [41:00]
7) Truth [45:15]
8) Don’t Even [49:15]
9) Bring It Back [53:45]

Listen local with Seacoast Live!

Big thanks to engineer Nick Morrone for helping produce the show.

Join us on Friday, March 6th from 8pm to 9pm for Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper!

Sound It Out- Spoken Word a Tool of Social Change with Poet Kane Smego

The origins of spoken word, or slam poetry, extend back millenniums to Ancient Greece, where poets weren’t really one for leaving a paper trail. From Homer’s classic Odyssey, to the still-breathing oratory traditions carried by African and Native American heritage, spoken word has been a time capsule of human experience.

Join WUNH Sound It Out host Katie McAuliffe as she speaks with nationally-recognized spoken word poet, social justice advocate and co-founder of Sacrificial Poets, Kane Smego about his entrance into the form, how hip hop has informed his identity as a poet and spoken word’s ability to be used as a tool in social change.

Excerpts from Kane’s poem “The Cost of a King” are included in this podcast. Check out the full poem here:

To learn more about Kane and listen to more of his poems, go to

WUNH brings in local bands for new live show

Thanks to The New Hampshire for this great article in the arts section of today’s paper about our brand new Seacoast Live! program on Friday nights

By Cole Caviston, Staff Writer

A new program launched at WUNH, Seacoast Live! , offers a place for local musicians to perform live on Fridays from 8 to 9 p.m.

Seacoast Live! is hosted by seniors Devon George, the WUNH events director, and Katie McAuliffe, the news director, who were motivated to bring in musical flavor from close-by.

“We mostly like to bring in local bands, half because they’re easy to book and half because it’s nice to support local bands,” George said. “It’s also an easy way for them to boost their listenership.”

However, there was another critical factor for Seacoast Live!: having a show that would play on Friday nights when hockey wasn’t broadcast. It was a predicament that George thought she had a solution for. 

“As events director, I came up with this idea as a response to hockey because a lot of the time we would have a DJ on Friday nights, their show would keep being traded out for hockey,” George said.

About a year and a half ago, the WUNH studio underwent remodeling, gaining a new on-air studio and a live-performance studio. Since then, both WUNH and the MUB have been pushing for more live bands to come in.

“There’s an intimacy to hearing a live show through the radio that’s different from seeing it live,” McAuliffe said.

George and McAuliffe are getting used to the new setup, which is exacerbated by the lack of permanent sound engineer. So far, fellow DJ Greg Marinaccio filled in for their first broadcast, hosting Gretchen and the Pickpockets on January 23, and later relying on a friend who works in the MUB for their second show.

There have also been technical hiccups. During their first broadcast, just as Gretchen and the Pickpockets were about to receive their cue to begin, none of the audio feed came through, causing George and McAuliffe to scramble and make ‘emphatic hand gestures” to their sound engineer in the other room.

“It’s the excitement and peril of live radio, these things will happen and that’s kind of why I love this medium; you really don’t know what might happen,” McAuliffe said.

But they also agree that co-hosting is a mutual satisfying, fun experience they both enjoy undertaking.   

“I think it’s great to have a show that’s just not you all the time, it brings a dynamic to it and color that you wouldn’t have with just one DJ,” McAuliffe said.

In comparing live performances to being treated to their own private show, both hosts admit to shamelessly cheering on their guests from behind the glass and even dancing to the music.

“That’s how you get a good radio show with two co-host, by having a fluidity to your communication and making sure that each other’s needs are being met and each other’s visions in the show format are being acknowledged,” McAuliffe said.

McAulliffe is responsible for audio revision after the broadcast, taking out any on-air errors, and then uploading the recording onto an audio streaming format, like Soundcloud or Mixcloud.

Booking the bands is something we both take on in conjuncture,” McAuliffe said. “That’s why it works well, we have different tastes we bring to it.”

For instance, George likes bluegrass bands while McAullife prefers alternative rock, jazz groups, and indie rock outfits.

In addition to hosting Gretchen and the Pickpockets and People Like You, their second guest, on January 30, the band Todo Bien will perform on February 20 as part of a release party for their album “Here We Go.”

They’ve also reached out to Aly Spaltro and her band Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, an indie group which originated in Portland. McAulliffe admits that this does go against their idea of booking entirely local groups.

“It kind of counter-intuitive to our line in Seacoast Live!, which is that ‘if you eat local, why not listen local?’,” McAullife said, “but sometimes we deviate out of those lines to bring you something exciting.”

After weeks of negotiation with the band’s press agent and band manager, they successfully booked an appearance of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper to promote their new album “After” on March 6.

Following that, on March 20, Harsh Armadillo, a UNH-based jazz-funk group, will perform. As for this April, however, George and McAuliffe are tight-lipped on their plans.

As they both prepare to graduate this semester, George and McAuliffe are enthusiastic for any students to try out radio and experience it for themselves.

“There’s a real need for more radio-yarded, music-minded people, whether you want to edit news, produce a good interview, or you want to do music, either a specialty show or a general music show,” McAuliffe said. “The best thing about the station is learning.”

Song of the Week 2/19/15

song of the week 2Helloooo WUNH enthusiasts,

My name’s Emily and I’m the host of Future Sound on Wednesdays from 2-4 pm. I’m also the Music Director here at WUNH. Music is everything to me, and I cherish every moment that I get spend sharing music with all you listeners. So I’ve decided to share with all of you one song each week (maybe more if I find it difficult to limit my choice to one!). This week the ‘Song of the Week’ goes to…drumroll please….

HENRY GREEN “A Better Place (Kudu Blue Remix)” Listen to it here on SoundCloud!

This dreamy electronic track will give you all sorts of feels. Just one listen and you’ll be hooked. You’ll find yourself searching far and wide through music blogs all over the world wide web to find more music like it. Enjoy. And don’t forget to check back in next Thursday for a new song!